last slackware current update

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Thu Feb 20 22:05:09 EST 2014

Done February 20, 2014.  Speakup 3.16 was installed with a kernel upgrade. 
I use a litetalk synthesizer and as of now, speakup has been broken by 
this last update. It is possible to hear speakup talk as the system boots 
up to the login prompt but then it is not possible to get slackware to 
respond to anything entered on a usb keyboard so it's impossible to login. 
This has been an ongoing situation with slackware and what I normally did 
was first allow speakup to initialize and find the synthesizer then shut 
speakup off and later turn speakup back on when things got close to the 
login prompt. Now, speakup no longer responds to the keyboard after 
initialization so speakup cannot be turned off. Utillinux was also 
upgraded and may be responsible for some of the trouble.

jude <jdashiel at>

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