playing a tune at startup

John G. Heim jheim at
Tue Feb 11 14:37:39 EST 2014


I've written what i think is a handy little utility for testing and 
experimenting with grub init tunes.  To use it, you can do one of three 
1. Just run the script. In this case, it will read /etc/default/grub and 
play the current GRUB_INIT_TUNE.
2.Set the GRUB_INIT_TUNE environmental variable to a tune. In this case, 
it will play your tune. This allows you to try out different tunes.
3. Use one of the tunes I've created. Do this by editing the script and 
uncommenting the line for the tune you want to try. There are several 
tunes listed at the top of the script.

The script plays the GRUB_INIT_TUNE  and then echos it to the console. 
To save a tune, just redirect the output to your grub default file,:

# grub-init-tune >> /etc/default/grub
# update-grub

To download the script, point a browser here:

#  wget
# chmod 07555 grub-init-tune

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