False start with TalkingArch, trying again

Kyle kyle4jesus at gmail.com
Mon Feb 3 17:22:04 EST 2014

OK, it seems that the pick-a-card recorded message and beep didn’t get
built into yesterday’s iso. So we’re trying again. We now have
TalkingArch 2014.02.03 up on the download page.
If you already have TalkingArch 2014.02.02 and it’s working for you, do
nothing, your iso is fine. Otherwise, if sound is broken or if you need
to install to a system that has multiple sound cards, 2014.02.03 will
fix your problem, as it includes the sounds necessary to make the
pick-a-card script work correctly. All new visitors to the download page
will see the 2014.02.03 live CD until the next release, which will
follow the next official Arch Linux snapshot.
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