New TalkingArch iso now available

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Mon Feb 3 08:25:26 EST 2014

The TalkingArch team is please to present TalkingArch 2014.02.02! This
version is synchronized with the 2014.02.02 snapshot of the official
Arch Linux live CD. This iso runs the latest 3.12.9 Arch Linux kernel.
The most significant change is the addition to the official live CD of
Clonezilla, the free and open source software for disk imaging and
cloning. Other changes include adjustments to the configurations for
compatibility with the latest syslinux, better handling of dhcp network
devices and condensed instructions for selecting the sound device to use
for speech output. The iso can be downloaded from the new download page.
Suggestions, comments and questions can be posted on the blog
in the comments section for the latest post, at the support e-mail
support [at] talkingarch [dot] tk
or in the #talkingarch channel at Of course, posts to
this list regarding TalkingArch are welcome as well.
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