Bug#735202: speakup crashes debian (fwd)

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this may not be the same bug, but there has been a long-standing Speakup bug
that locks up the machine.  I've seen it as early as Squeeze but it may have
been there earlier (I don't remember).

Whether or not it crashes seems to depend on your environment at the time.
Pasting to a regular bash prompt and into most applications works just fine.  It
seems to happen when working in more primitive environments with no readline.

Here's a sure-fire way to reproduce it:

1.  cut anything to the clipboard.

2.  Run the command:


This should open stdin for input.

3.  Paste.

4. Crash!

AFAIK, this locks the kernel and only a power cycle will fix it.

As noted previously, this only affects local sessions - even running an ssh to
localhost and doing the above will not reproduce it.

I've observed on several machines running both Squeeze and Wheezy.


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