SpeakUp and the Raspberry Pi...more

Martin G. McCormick martin at server1.shellworld.net
Thu May 30 10:07:26 EDT 2013

	Another thing that can happen with digital recording if
resources get squeezed is that you miss some samples. I have a
Dell Dimension from around the late nineties that makes great
audio recordings unless there is a fairly intensive file access
while the recording is in progress. It creates an effect similar
to what might happen if audio tape slipped in the capstan
assembly. It is a very tiny flaw in the recording that one

	Since the Raspberry Pie wasn't meant to be a
full-fledged office work station, I wouldn't be surprised if one
didn't get occasional hickups like that if using a USB sound
card. Those samples absolutely must go somewhere and if the bus
isn't there right then, too bad.

	A work mate of mine has a couple of Raspberry Pies, one
of which he uses to play audio on and he reports things are not
quite right, but allmost. He is not trying to run speakup, but
use the Pie to play a media stream from his Microsoft Media

Gregory Nowak writes:
> Besides that, unless things have changed, I read that the pie only has a
> jack for audio output. It doesn't have a mic/line in jack from what I
> read. You can still record on it of course, but you have to have a usb
> sound card for that. Someone please do correct me if I'm wrong.

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