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Mike Ray mike at raspberryvi.org
Wed May 29 17:32:54 EDT 2013

It has analogue audio out from a 3.5mm jack socket or digital audio from 
the HDMI connector. I don't know whether HDMI provides for a low-level 
input suitable for a microphone. Probably not.

I'm trying SpeakUp using speechd-up and speech-dispatcher tonight to see 
if that works any better. If not, the only way to avoid the vchiq (video 
core hardware interface queue) which causes the crash is to use USB audio.

Of course it could be that something SpeakUp is doing is causing the 
null pointer dereference in the kernel.


On 29/05/2013 22:04, Gregory Nowak wrote:
> Besides that, unless things have changed, I read that the pie only has a
> jack for audio output. It doesn't have a mic/line in jack from what I
> read. You can still record on it of course, but you have to have a usb
> sound card for that. Someone please do correct me if I'm wrong.
> Greg
> On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 02:38:17PM +0100, Mike Ray wrote:
>> Martin,
>> If you have SpeakUp running it is likely to be about 2 minutes
>> before your Pi crashes, as I have said, so whether you can record at
>> the same time, which you can, is not really helpful.
>> Mike

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