Speakup Kernel and Orca Getting Colder.

Mike Ray mike at raspberryvi.org
Wed May 29 16:40:59 EDT 2013


There is a line in the espeakup start script which reads:

#STARTTIME=2 # Time to wait for the server to start, in seconds

If you uncomment that line you won't get the false 'failed' notice in 
the kernel boot messages.

You might have to bump it up to three but two works for me.


On 29/05/2013 21:07, Kyle wrote:
> Sadly, I am also getting no speech from Orca on my newly installed
> Wheezy VM. It chatters away about services starting up, and even goes so
> far as to tell me that espeakup failed, even though it's obviously
> talking. I can see enough to know that an old-style, mostly white login
> window has appeared, and it goes away after I enter my username and
> password, but pressing alt-f2 and typing orca does nothing. I see that a
> window pops up and goes away, which I take to be the Orca splash screen
> from 3.4 I believe, but nothing further happens and I hear nothing. I am
> able to use Speakup on this system, but there appears to be some sort of
> bug related to sound in the graphical environment. I'll keep trying and
> will post something if/when I have more information.
> ~Kyle
> http://kyle.tk/

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