Speakup Kernel and Orca Getting Colder.

Kyle kyle4jesus at gmail.com
Tue May 28 08:04:06 EDT 2013

If you already had a talking login screen, you clobbered that by
following my instructions there. Sorry for the confusion, I didn't
realize your login was already talking. You should now be able to
restart gdm from tty1 and repeat the login screen steps. You then only
need to follow my post-login instructions to get a talking system.

As for Wheezy, I haven't tried any of the images, but I'm thinking that
the standard disk 1 will probably work better than the net install, as
the net install is supposed to have only what is needed to get a minimal
system up and running, and the rest is installed over the internet. But
since you already have an installed system with Speakup, this shouldn't
be an issue for you. I'll get Wheezy into a virtual machine and try to
get it talking soon. I've been busy with VirtualBox images for Sonar
over the past week, but I'll definitely get to this. There will always
be a special place in my heart for Debian, and I'd really love to get
this working <smile>.
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