Speakup Kernel and Orca Getting Colder.

Martin G. McCormick martin at server1.shellworld.net
Tue May 28 07:28:36 EDT 2013

	Well, I have made things worse but am not sure how I did
it except that I tried altering the gnome console similar to the
instructions but, obviously I didn't do any good. Now, I don't
even get the login prompt from orca and when I kill gdm3,
speakup does come back to life but isn't connected to anything.
If I switch consoles, say, alt-F2, that console works and then
the original tty1 works if I return to it but the orca login
seems to be a thing of the past.

	I am getting closer to just blowing the whole thing away
and starting over as the whole system so far, is a monument to
frustrated attempts to get orca to work.

	The only reason why I haven't done this yet is that the
new wheezy netinstall disk doesn't talk yet.

	When looking at the text files tied to the function keys
on the wheezy netinstall disk, it says the speakup option for
booting is not available on some images. Is the netinstall disk
one of those since it is slimmed down?

	I can certainly get the standard disk1 image if that is
the case.

	I am so tired of silent boots without so much as a beep,
counting key presses that silently do something but who knows
what and other complex tasks with no feedback at all. This is
the electronic equivalent of a dog's chew toy. Spend hours and
hours and nothing really changes.

	Sorry for the rant and thanks for all the good
suggestions. Except for gnome, this system seems healthy so I
would rather fix it than do the Windows-ish thing of just
reinstalling because there is no way to know what got clobbered.


Kyle writes:
> OK, so my talking login instructions won't help, as it appears you
> already have that enabled. Instead, perform almost the same steps after
> login, except you will be pressing the right arrow key twice instead of
> once. So you will login normally and then wait about a minute or two for
> GNOME to load completely. Then press alt-control-tab, right arrow twice,
> down arrow 4 times and then enter. Then go to your Speakup console,
> login and then restart gdm
> service gdm restart
> You should be good to go as soon as you login again using Orca.

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