Talking GDM [Was: Voxin was: Switching to Linux]

Jason White jason at
Mon May 13 20:11:48 EDT 2013

Janina Sajka <janina at> wrote:
> So, I now get speech the first time I do this. But, if for some reason,
> I need to bring down the GUI and restart it, I do NOT get talking GDM on
> the second time, and on any successive times through GDM. I can still
> login, and Orca speaks, but no speech on GDM after the first round.

It happens to me too under Debian if I log out of Gnome, closing the X

The problem is that Speech-Dispatcher isn't killed, and Orca doesn't
re-establish a connection with a running Speech-Dispatcher properly in these
circumstances. You can work around it by killing the Speech-Dispatcher process
once gdm is no longer running.

This is a bug that merits a report.

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