Slack 13.37 and 14.0

Mitchell D. Lynn mlynn at
Mon May 13 13:06:13 EDT 2013

Hi Folks,
New to this list and hoping you all can help with this problem.  I am having
issues with the last two versions of Slackware and getting Speakup at
install time. I have used Slackware back to version 7.0 with no issues. 

For some reason, I can't get Speakup to load on either of these releases.
Using DEC Talk Express. Tried speakup.s, huge.s and hugesmp.s since the
latter two appear to have Speakup as well. 

I desperately need to get to a version that supports 3TB hard drives.
Considered switching to Debian, but ran into a Speakup issue there too.
Seems to be stuck at a default rate, and it won't let me change it for
session or otherwise. 

Thanks for any help you can provide. 


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