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Gregory Nowak greg at
Sun May 12 18:03:10 EDT 2013

Hi all.

Does anyone have suggestions for database software? I'm thinking of
something that lets the user create various databases with field/value
pairs, and allows one to either do a search on the full database file,
or on selected fields. What I have in mind is something similar to
braillebase on the Blazie notetakers, or keybase on the braillenote, just
to name a couple for those who are familiar with one or both.

I'm running debian squeeze, but will upgrade to wheezy in the near
future. So, I would prefer something which has a debian package. In my
research I found gcstar, which looks like it should do what I want,
except that it relies on gnome. I would really prefer something that
runs from the text console, and can be used interactively, and from
the CLI.

Suggestions for such a beast would be much appreciated. Thanks in


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