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I still say that Kyle, your prices are unrealistic.  I have no idea where
the $300 for two year old junk reference comes from as I neither build nor
sell computers.  I bought my server parts on Amazon last August.  Without
hard drives, my cost, including the case, mobo, CPU and memory was $585,
substantially cheaper than what you're offering.  Even if you get two 1 TB
drives, we're up to less than $800.  I even got the specialized server
motherboard and CPU, so I'm sure a plain vanilla desktop is cheaper.  Even
with my RAID 1 and RAID 5 setup and paying labor, my total cost out the
door was $1,100 and I challenge you to find a custom-built server for less
than that.  I'm sure it can be done, but not custom built from the ground
up with two 1 TB and three 3 TB drives.  Also, unless I'm terribly behind
the times, Dell Small Business usually has machines for sale for around
$500 or less for a desktop.  I've even seen very nice HP notebooks for
less than the $900 you quote below.  I should also add that $100 of the
$1,100 for extra labor was because it's a server.  A plain desktop would
probably be about half the price.

OK, it just seems like in various threads here and on the Blinux list that
running Arch seems to be your answer to everything.  I haven't used Arch
and I don't see any point since I have a very nice Debian setup here.  I
really don't know why you would recommend something other than Ubuntu or
Debian, at least from an accessibility point of view, but to each his own.
 I'm the first to admit that there is no one right distro of Linux.

On 5/10/2013 6:44 AM, Kyle wrote:
> Now just a minute here! I *never* said that everyone runs Arch, nor
> did I say that everyone should. Arch is what I use on my own system, 
> although I can get it working on a system I build if the client wants
> to use it, or if it fits a specific need. I generally recommend
> openSUSE and Ubuntu for people who are using Linux systems for the
> first time. I installed openSUSE on a client's computer and he has had
> much fewer complaints about his machine now than he did before the
> installation. It went from taking 5 minutes to boot a too new version
> of Windows on a too old machine to booting openSUSE in about a minute,
> and that is really good, considering the age of his computer and the
> amount of ram/CPU power it has.
> As for my prices, I purchase my parts and build the computer to order.
> I don't give people 2-year-old junk, call it new and sell it for $300;
> I can't, and I flatly refuse to do so. But I have done enough research
> to know that I can build a really powerful computer, complete with all
> the software bells and whistles, and ship it for around $900, or if
> not, definitely under $1000 and this is a computer that Dell won't even
> sell. Their closest match is not near as powerful, and it costs $1400.
> Now whose prices are unrealistic? ~Kyle

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