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Kyle kyle4jesus at
Fri May 10 09:44:19 EDT 2013

Now just a minute here! I *never* said that everyone runs Arch, nor did
I say that everyone should. Arch is what I use on my own system,
although I can get it working on a system I build if the client wants to
use it, or if it fits a specific need. I generally recommend openSUSE
and Ubuntu for people who are using Linux systems for the first time. I
installed openSUSE on a client's computer and he has had much fewer
complaints about his machine now than he did before the installation. It
went from taking 5 minutes to boot a too new version of Windows on a too
old machine to booting openSUSE in about a minute, and that is really
good, considering the age of his computer and the amount of ram/CPU
power it has.

As for my prices, I purchase my parts and build the computer to order. I
don't give people 2-year-old junk, call it new and sell it for $300; I
can't, and I flatly refuse to do so. But I have done enough research to
know that I can build a really powerful computer, complete with all the
software bells and whistles, and ship it for around $900, or if not,
definitely under $1000 and this is a computer that Dell won't even sell.
Their closest match is not near as powerful, and it costs $1400. Now
whose prices are unrealistic?
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