yasr and screen

Trevor Saunders trev.saunders at gmail.com
Fri May 10 22:01:42 EDT 2013

> A big problem for installs is the BIOS;
> that, I guess, needs a separate computer with camera and O C R ...
> Perhaps the ideal solution would be to build speech into a
> touchscreen monitor, and not into the operating system ?

or you can just unplug the hard drive and whatever so the first bootable
thing the bios finds will be your usb drive.  Then plug the drive back
in to do the install of course, linux usually handles hard drives
showing up after boot gracefully ime.

> My big problems with yasr are :
> One: yasr can't use espeak except through emacspeak,
> and I can't get emacspeak configured to use espeak properly
> (it seems to use eflite commands even when talking to /usr/bin/espeak).
> But my eflite chops off the last part of every word,
> which makes a lot of things unrecognisable.

you can also have yasr talk to speech-dispatcher.  The config for that
is in the stock yasr.conf but commented out.

> Two: I can't understand how keystrokes are specified in yasr.conf
> for example, to me, 0x1b6c means Escape l, not alt-L

off hand I'm not sure how that works either.  Maybe you could use the
keyboard config thing that's built in (ctrl - alt - k by default)?

> If I were rewriting yasr, I'd probably do it in perl or lua,
> which would reduce the code-bulk by several times,
> and make it more maintainable and portable.

I think some of it will need to stay in C / C++ but allowing it to be
scripted with lua sounds interesting.


> Regards,  Peter Billam
> P.S.  I am a long-time unix programmer, and still sighted,
> though this is not improving, so I'm wanting to select a speaking interface
> and learn it while it's still easy for me.
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