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Jason White jason at
Fri May 10 20:40:52 EDT 2013

Kyle <kyle4jesus at> wrote:
> Doesn't OpenMary have a Java dependency? That isn't a problem for me,
> because I've already satisfied that dependency because I have
> LibreOffice installed. It may cause some issues for some people running
> it on slower machines though. I did get to hear an OpenMary demo, as
> they have one on the website, and it indeed sounds very good. I believe
> it uses HMM voices, which generally give good quality of speech. I
> couldn't play with it on my own machine though, because Orca doesn't
> like the Java-based installer. That said, I think something like C++
> code is being developed if I recall correctly, so the Java dependency
> may eventually not be as necessary.

There's no evidence of a C++ version in the Git repository. However, I
understand that Java can run quite quickly these days once it has started, and
all frequently used code is dynamically compiled to machine instructions for
the host CPU.

You should be able to bypass the installer by compiling and installing from
the Git repository. There are some binary "jar" files in there, sources for
which would need to be found in order to create packages for distribution by
debian, Fedora, etc.

The repository is here, in case anyone on the list has Java skills and wants
to get it working:

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