future directions

Hart Larry chime at hubert-humphrey.com
Fri May 10 13:29:13 EDT 2013

Well Kirk:  Thanks for a comprehensive list.  I would have 2 comments.  I was 
in the process of trying to figure out what a current limit of cut-and-paste 
is?  Seems its a number of words or charicters?  At the time when I was 
experimenting, I could put many short lines in a buffer, but 58 full lines, I 
think I only got 35 or so?
2nd, we have something like a charicter dictionary, but when I was able to have 
it active, it would slow down my ssh connection.
So an eventual conference will be a text chatt on IRC?  And voting on items 
would be open to just folks who are programmers, ETC?  While I am just a user, 
unless an average non-technical person can enjoy Speakup, then otherwise, it 
would be just for a small community of geeks.
Another way you could conduct the voting would be, a proportional system, where 
a user gets a single vote, developer maybe 3 votes, and programmer 2.
Amazingly enough I began this thread-and-all of us will eventually benefit. 
Thanks so much in advance

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