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Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Fri May 10 08:39:58 EDT 2013

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This is probably a bit late, but how much swap space do you have?  Just
like Windows, any graphical environment takes a lot of memory, both
physical and virtual.  You might want to install the swapspace package
and/or increase the size of your swap partition.  Yes, Vinux did seem a
lot slower to me when I tried it here, but I agree that a system with X on
it boots slower.  However, XP boots slower than plain Debian without X, so
I'm not sure if that's a valid comparison.  Here, my Firefox on XP starts
in less than 30 seconds.  It always takes longer the first time I open it
in a session.  If you can upgrade to 64-bit Linux, that would help.  If
nothing else, you would get better memory management.  I have an XP
partition, a plain Debian partition without X and a 10 GB Debian unstable
with X installed.  The Debian unstable boots faster than XP and about the
same as the partition without X.

On 5/9/2013 11:06 AM, Rob Hudson wrote:
> My problem with gnome/orca is that it is extreeeemely slow. If there
> was a way to strip out most of the unnessential stuff in gnome, I'd
> probably use it more often. I'm talking about almost thirty seconds to
> launch firefox, as an example. Under XP on the same system, it only
> takes maybe five to ten seconds. Granted, I haven't used gnome outside
> of vinux and i haven't really played around much with default gnome as
> installed from source or package management, so maybe it's just me. Or
> maybe it's orca that's slow, I just don't know.
> Working in the terminal on the other hand is very snappy. I get no lag,
> and everything just responds nice and fast. I get about a fifteen
> second boot time, whereas with xorg installed it takes about forty five
> seconds. There's three gigs of memory on the box in question and I
> think a 2.0 ghz processor. So, unless i can find a way to make gnome
> faster i won't be using it.
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