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Kyle kyle4jesus at gmail.com
Thu May 9 21:38:37 EDT 2013

You can't say I don't know what I'm talking about when I have a client
who had these pop-ups and the computer ran very slowly, but installing
Linux on the computer made it run much faster, and there has been no
further complaint about pop-ups, even though the client's browsing
habits haven't changed. And yes, I know all about that CCleaner mess. It
misses a lot of obvious stuff, just like all the other crap they put out
there, expecting us to wrestle with our computers trying to get them to
work properly with this easy fix and that easy fix that just makes the
problem worse. And actually, CCleaner was one of the better "easy
fixes," even though its best feature was just removing temporary files.
I never noticed the claimed speed improvements and performance
enhancements that were supposed to come from letting yet another little
cleanup tool do its thing, probably because the Windows registry is a
huge thing that is very hard to clean completely, and one wrong move can
make your machine completely unbootable, whereas in Linux, if I get
bloated configuration files due to multiple upgrades and such, even if I
just go in and

rm ~/.??*

I just have to reconfigure my settings again, because all the
configuration files recreate themselves from defaults, and I'll never
have an unbootable system that way. Let me just say that I know enough
about Windows to help people find better alternatives, and I know enough
about computers in general enough to help people find alternatives to
broken and outdated software. And yes, I know enough about Linux to help
people find alternatives to broken Linux software also.
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