the direction of speakup

Hart Larry chime at
Wed May 1 17:23:55 EDT 2013

Well, unless there were going to be a commercial Linux screen-reader, then 
certainly it makes sense for those of you who are 
programmers/developers--and-those of us who are just users  to all have a hand 
in this.
I sure hope some day Speakup can join a list of windows readers, along with 
Jupiter, which have a pronunciation dictionary.  Also, I think just about all 
previous DOS readers had this as an option.
As far as the suggestions of a live Skype Conference, I would love to sit in, 
but for me Pacific time evenings-and-weekends.  I am nearly setup to run Skype 
in Linux, posibly running xvfb?
I guess a hard part for me was how much flexability I had with a DecTalk in DOS 
running Vocal-Eyes.  So sure jumping in to Linux gave me lots more power as a 
user, but seemingly less when it comes to enjoying the speech I have.
I suppose if it weren't for Bill Acker and the creator of the DecTalk drivers 
for Speakup, I might still be stuck in windows or a Dos prompt.
Thanks for listening-and-eventually addressing these concerns.

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