the direction of speakup

William Hubbs w.d.hubbs at
Wed May 1 17:02:58 EDT 2013


let's start a new thread here to figure out what needs to be done with

Here are my ideas and the issues I see with them:

1. What should we do with support for the internal ISA synthesizers?

My thought is that these can be dropped.

2. We basically have two choices for the serial synthesizer issues.

a. If we keep this code inside the kernel, the bottom line is it needs
to be completely rewritten and there need to be changes made on the
kernel side to make it work correctly.
This will take time, and someone here will need to
work closely with the kernel  developers, and we'll need to find someone
in the kernel community to guide us -- maybe not by writing the code for
us, but at least consulting with us.

b. If we move this code into user space, we can code it however we want,
and that frees us from involving the kernel team.


If we move the serial code to user space, I realize there is a concern
about missing early boot messages. Would putting the user space daemon
into an initramfs solve this?  would you be able to start it early
enough to get all of the boot messages if it was in an initramfs?


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