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Kyle kyle4jesus at
Tue Aug 6 17:25:48 EDT 2013

You will need to open the .torrent file in your favorite bittorrent
client, either using the browser to open the file using the correct
application, or by opening the file with the client you want after it
has been downloaded from your browser. The size of the .torrent file
will never grow, and it is up to you and your client where the .iso file
should be downloaded. What bittorrent client were you using? perhaps
there is a setting that isn't right, or maybe it's just a bug in the
client. I found that some clients, mostly text-based stuff running on my
server, were not able to handle the file for some reason. Deluge seems
to work the best, both on my server in text mode and on my local machine
in graphical mode.
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