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Gregory Nowak greg at
Mon Aug 5 16:01:53 EDT 2013

hi all,
I am experiencing problems when running various binaries on two of my
wheezy boxes. This unfortunately isn't something I can file a bug
report on right now, because there isn't anything definite I can put
my finger on as far as saying here's the problem, and here is how to
repeatedly reproduce it. So, I decided to build my own kernel. If that
works for me, then I can at least file a bug report saying that a
newer kernel works for me, and the one currently packaged with wheezy
doesn't. If the debian kernel team can do something with that,
great. If they can't, oh well. I've found at least one other person
out there who seems to be having problems very similar to what I'm
seeing, and who also suspects the kernel packaged with wheezy is the

Anyway, I went to, which I haven't been too in a very long
time. I remember there being a latest symlink to a given kernel
version, and another symlink called long-term, or something like
that. Those aren't there anymore. So, what's considered to be the
fairly stable version these days? I saw a directory called
stable-review, but didn't look there at anything, because of the word
review. The most recent tarball seems to be 3.9. Is that ok to go with,
or is a lower version better for long term use. If a lower version is
better, then which one? Thanks in advance.


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