speakup on the Raspberry Pi

Kelly Prescott kprescott at coolip.net
Wed Oct 24 16:37:51 EDT 2012

That is interesting...  I have a 256m board and I can play sound and it 
sounds ok... not CD quality, but certainly decent.
I am using the alsa drivers.

On Wed, 24 Oct 2012, Jason Miller wrote:

> I've tried working with it, playing MP3s and WAV files and such, and I get a 
> click in the console with it. It starts to click as if the audio driver is 
> initializing, and then after the sounds as if is shutting itself down. I 
> dunno, this is a common problem it seems with playing sound in the console.
> I think the new Pi board, the model b with 512MB of RAM instead of the older 
> 256 has fixed some of these issues. It's supposed to have different things 
> soldered into the board along the sound hardware paths, with different 
> capacitors and such. Don't know about that for sure though.
> One of the issues I found building speakup modules into this thing is that 
> the /modules/KERNEL/build folder hasn't existed on the older Raspbian images 
> to be used, and until now, still has issues I think. Going to try starting 
> over with the latest Raspbian images though and we'll see.
> Jason Miller
> Jason Miller
> On 10/24/2012 04:12 PM, Kelly Prescott wrote:
>>  I have regular audio working on the Pi, so hopefully that will
>>  A little less work.
>>  I am currently using arch, and It don't think the speakup modules are
>>  there, but I will download the debian distro instead and see what it looks
>>  like.
>>  Kp
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>>  I played with espeak synthesiser and it worked perfectly. I didn't tryed
>>  to compile speakup modules but i think that there will not be problems
>>  with it.
>>  concerning audio output: I played with debian for py and it was necessary
>>  to change output to analog manually Peter  D?a 24. 10. 2012 21:00 Kelly
>>  Prescott  wrote / nap?sal(a):
>> >  Has anyone successfully gotten speakup working on the Pi? I saw a
>> >  thread on this list which seemed to indicate someone had, but with
>> >  audio problems. Is there any tips or instructions out there? If not,
>> >  could people post what has sort of worked, I am wanting to work on
>> >  this as I am going to replace my Linux netbook I use with a Raspberry
>> >  Pi. Even if the quality is not the best, I am willing to work on it
>> >  just for the challenge. Any information would be appreciated. Kp
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