LaTeX and big writing projects

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Sat Mar 3 15:06:13 EST 2012

I was aware that there are tools for converting to other formats, I guess I 
am just cautious of how well they work.

As an aside, I know that there are some differences between RTF and word 
document format, however I don't know much of the differences, may be you 
could list the key ones.

Michael Whapples

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"Michael Whapples" <mwhapples at> writes:

> I have to agree with Liz though, you may come across times where the
> expected format means using LaTeX is not possible (eg. I am studying
> with the Open University and I must submit my project report as a word
> document or RTF).

Here's what you do.  Run latex2rtf to produce a .rtf file from your
LaTeX source.  If they want an actual .doc file, then just rename
document.rtf to document.doc, and send that to them.  Most people don't
know the difference, and neither does Microsoft Word.  It will open the
.rtf file without complaint, even though it has the wrong extension.
This is what I do when people ask for Word documents from me, and it
works like a charm.

-- Chris

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