Patch for get_word (and more) - please look

Bohdan R. Rau ethanak at
Sun Jul 15 05:39:46 EDT 2012

 On Sat, 14 Jul 2012 07:35:16 +0100, Bohdan R. Rau wrote:

> I'll try to prepare complete patch for both get_word and 
> update_color_buffer.

 So there it is :)
 I hope there is no serious bugs. It's not well tested, but more usable 
 (for mi) than original.

 Short description:

 1) Added char_status function.
 This function returns 0 for spaces, 1 for WDEL (non-space) characters 
 and 2 for others.
 Now it always returns 0 for null and space. For 0xa0 it returns 0 if 
 declared as WDEL in chartab, otherwise 2 (in some encodings 0xa0 is not 
 hard space).

 2) get_word function rewritten to be compatible with say_next_word and 

 3) In say_next_word and say_prev_word function char_status is used.

 4) update_color_buffer function now properly handles characters with 
 most significant bit set.

-- - Pa pa, Ivonko!
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