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Keith, I was not referring to a work station, but a Motherboard -- are
you saying you can't get one of the Super Micro mbs in the country?
Also, I know a builder in the u.s. who has built me several computers
with serial ports, not sure about international shipping, but contact me
off list for more information.

Keith Barrett <lists at> wrote:

> On 13/07/2012 17:25, Janina Sajka wrote:
> > Kyle, I wouldn't dream of contradicting your experience except to say
> > that it's obviously not indicative of the world at large.
> >
> > It may be your experience, but that's all it is. Serial ports can be
> > had, for very little cost, unless someone wants to markup the price
> > unreasonably. We've established that. Let's move on.
> Well, they may be available where you people are but here in the
> u.k. I am having real issues.
> I have even found work stations in other parts of the world that
> contain serial ports but when you search here, the product is
> unavailable.
> Following a suggestion on the list, looked at the supermicro work
> stations but seems that noone can get one in the country.
> Thanks all for your interest, looks like I will have to look on the
> used market.
> >
> > Janina
> >
> >
> > Kyle writes:
> >> I am such a computer builder who will customize a PC to a client's specifications. I haven't been asked to build a computer with a serial port recently, but unless it is in fact non-negotiable, the increase in the price of building such a computer seems unreasonably high for technology that is many years behind even today's low-end budget technology. As not only a computer builder but also an advisor to people who want to build their own machines, I find it very hard to sell anyone such outdated and obsolete technology, especially if it causes the price of the machine to jump significantly. If a serial port is a strict requirement, perhaps the used workstation is in fact the best option.
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