best cli web browser & email programs

Jason White jason at
Thu Apr 26 20:17:33 EDT 2012

John Heim <speakup at> wrote:
>Lets see, I bought my Pac Mate maybe 4 years ago. So its been that long 
>since I use the linux CLI as my main mobile interface. But it sounds like 
>nothing has changed.  Well, there's no more pine. Its been converted to 
>alpine.  I guess it was unrealistic to expect someone to come back and say 
>that there is a web browser just like firefox only for the CLI.

I think you mean the console, not the CLI - if you want the command line
experience then it's edbrowse, nmh (or mailx) for mail, etc.

There's a Webkit-based browser that provides a Vi-style keyboard interface by
default. I can't remember the name, but it was reviewed at LWN. It would
require you to run an X environment though, and I don't know how accessible it
is. There are some very small X environments and you should be able to use a
null server in place of a video card, if desired.

I work almost completely at the console and within Emacs, only running X
occasionally when I want to access script-intensive Web sites. I even invoke
LibreOffice from the console using the Unoconv script, which uses LibreOffice
to convert various file formats.

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