best cli web browser & email programs

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Thu Apr 26 12:39:55 EDT 2012

Lets see, I bought my Pac Mate maybe 4 years ago. So its been that long 
since I use the linux CLI as my main mobile interface. But it sounds like 
nothing has changed.  Well, there's no more pine. Its been converted to 
alpine.  I guess it was unrealistic to expect someone to come back and say 
that there is a web browser just like firefox only for the CLI.

PS: Just to be clear, I'm not using an actual Raspberry Pie. I have 
something similar manufactured by a company called Soekris. It costs about 8 
times as much as a Raspberry Pie, is about 4 times the size, and doesn't 
have nearly the features. Other than that its just the same.  Runs the 
debian CLI real nice though.

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> Both alpine and mutt are good mail solutions.  I used to use mutt when
> I need pgp/gpg for signing because alpine didn't support it but now
> both programs support encryption and digital signatures.  I find
> alpine does a bit better job of including your web browser into html
> mail so use it most of the time these days.
> As for web browsing, we are all looking for the perfect solution which
> as far as I know nobody has discovered.  I am fond of elinks compiled
> with simple js support from the elinks git repository.  When I need a
> bit more js support although unfortunately not total support I use
> edbrowse which is very much like the old ed program.
> YMMV as they say.
>   Kirk
> On Thu, 26 Apr 2012, John Heim wrote:
>> My netbook broke down and I'm thinking of going back to the linux command 
>> line & speakup on a computer on a board (something like a Raspberry Pie). 
>> Instead of buying a new computer, I was thinking of using one of the 
>> under powered machines I can get for free and then using speakup. It 
>> would have the advantage that ssh would be rock solid and that's what I 
>> need the most when I'm on the road. What web browser and email program do 
>> people prefer?
>> I used to use pine as my primary mail program. That was a few years ago 
>> though. I mean, I used pine even on a system with a GUI.  How about mutt? 
>> Anybody like that?
>> Then for browser, I've used lynx and edbrowse but only for testing 
>> purposes. If I work at it, can I get proficient enough to browse the web 
>> about as easily as I would in a GUI?
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