best cli web browser & email programs

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Thu Apr 26 12:25:21 EDT 2012

Both alpine and mutt are good mail solutions.  I used to use mutt when
I need pgp/gpg for signing because alpine didn't support it but now
both programs support encryption and digital signatures.  I find
alpine does a bit better job of including your web browser into html
mail so use it most of the time these days.

As for web browsing, we are all looking for the perfect solution which
as far as I know nobody has discovered.  I am fond of elinks compiled
with simple js support from the elinks git repository.  When I need a
bit more js support although unfortunately not total support I use
edbrowse which is very much like the old ed program.

YMMV as they say.

On Thu, 26 Apr 2012, John Heim wrote:

> My netbook broke down and I'm thinking of going back to the linux command 
> line & speakup on a computer on a board (something like a Raspberry Pie). 
> Instead of buying a new computer, I was thinking of using one of the under 
> powered machines I can get for free and then using speakup. It would have the 
> advantage that ssh would be rock solid and that's what I need the most when 
> I'm on the road. What web browser and email program do people prefer?
> I used to use pine as my primary mail program. That was a few years ago 
> though. I mean, I used pine even on a system with a GUI.  How about mutt? 
> Anybody like that?
> Then for browser, I've used lynx and edbrowse but only for testing purposes. 
> If I work at it, can I get proficient enough to browse the web about as 
> easily as I would in a GUI?
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