using the s shortcut to bring up software speech in Wheezy

Doug Smith braillefingers at
Sun Apr 15 16:04:12 EDT 2012

Wheezy is Debian testing.  When you download the netinst iso image to make a talking system, if you press the lowercase s and then return when you 
boot the disk and hear the drive stop turning, you will get software speech via speakup for a talking install of a talking system.  I do not know what 
gtk has to do with it as speakup does not use gtk.  

The problem many people have been having is that when they press the lowercase and return, they, for some mysterious reason, are not getting the 
requested software speech.  The question is why.

This pretty much summarizes all this.  I did not have any trouble, and I don't understand it either.  

Glad to help. 

Doug Smith

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