using the s shortcut to bring up software speech in Wheezy

Doug Smith braillefingers at
Sun Apr 15 15:57:23 EDT 2012

I use the Debian Wheezy installer from:

I do not go to the daily builds, as this last one worked perfectly.  

1. I burned it to a cd
2. I booted it and waited to hear the drive stop turning
3. I pressed the s, that is, lowercase s, and waited for the installer script to start running
4. I followed all the perfectly straightforward steps in the installation script and now have this perfect CLI-only system I am working with as I 
write this.  

I want to thank all you nice folks over there at Debian accessibility for this accessible CLI script.  What is it, a bash script? that's what I am 
thinking it is.  

You have helped me have a system that is orders of magnitude faster than it was with a graphical distribution on it, and you have helped me "say 
goodbye to guiwood." 

This is great!!

Doug Smith

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