using the s shortcut to bring up software speech in Wheezy

Al Sten-Clanton albert.e.sten_clanton at
Sun Apr 15 10:38:28 EDT 2012


In a recent message, Samuel Thibault wrote, "s is not a boot parameter, 
it's boot menu shortcut, which passes

I decided on Friday that I'd like to try using Wheezy.  I created a CD from



On booting, I had no trouble that I remember bringing up hardware 
speech.  In case I may need it for another computer, I 	tried using the 
"s" shortcut to get software speech.  It didn't work.  Or, maybe it's 
more precise to say I heard nothing, in case the problem is the muted 
sound card hassle I've had before.  Is that shortcut supposed to work 
with the Wheezy image I used, or is there a specialized image for that use?



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