mixing media, was talking debian install.

Martin McCormick martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu
Mon Apr 9 09:39:43 EDT 2012

	This discussion brings up a question. There is a most
annoying problem in Dell and possibly other BIOS' in which the
boot sequence reverts to one that puts the hard drive before
the CDROM. If the hard drive appears bootable but isn't or you
don't like what it does, you are out of luck

	All the systems in question have usb ports but they are
not part of the boot selection. One of them has no floppy drive
although the BIOS still lists drive A indicating you could
probably add it temporarily. 

	Has anybody else had this happen and did you find a way
short of asking somebody to help you re-order the boot sequence,
to fix this problem?

	I think the low-level code in the BIOS detects a problem
in the boot sequence at some time and resets itself but I am not
sure what triggers it. It has happened often enough on enough
different systems that I am pretty sure they were set properly
at first and then mysteriously re-order themselves some time

	One doesn't notice anything until it is time to try out
a live CD or use a CDROM in rescue mode at which time you
realize that it isn't going to happen just yet.

Gregory Nowak writes:
> Yes, this should still work, since the installer searches for media
> before actually starting to do the install. So, you should in fact be
> able to boot from an internal cd drive, and do the install from dvd in
> an external drive, provided debian recognizes the external drive,
> which it should. HTH.
> Greg
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