Speakup and Vim

D. Curtis Willoughby ka0vba at dimcom.net
Sun Apr 8 23:13:20 EDT 2012

If you have not made up your mind unalterably to use vim, I
would suggest that ed is much more speech-friendly.  You could
also try edbrowse, which has some good features.  I have been
using ed since I first met unix almost 35 years ago, and it has
worked extremely well, both for Braille, and for speakup.  The
sighted folks among us do not tell us about ed, because vim or
vi are more friendly to them.  In fact, they have now taken it out
of debian's basic packages.  You can install it, though after
the installation.  Another fact that may not be too well-known
is that even vim can be made to work a lot like ed with a
simple command, which I have forgotten.  It adds a colon (:) prompt,
and makes vi/vim into a command-line editor, rather than a
cursor-based editor.  Good luck with whatever you decide upon.

D. Curtis Willoughby

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