Speakup and Vim

Eric Scheibler mailinglist at eric-scheibler.de
Sun Apr 8 13:15:31 EDT 2012


I have two questions regarding Speakup and Vim:
1. Speakup constantly speaks the line - and collumn numbers when I move
the cursor around. This is especially annoying when I delete something
cause I don't get the info which character is deleted. I checked all
four cursor modes with no success. Is there anything else I can try?
2. Is it possible to synchronize the speakup cursor with the real
document cursor? An Example: I have a long text line and I read it word
by word (Speakup modifyer + l). In the middle of the text line there is
a character which I want to correct. At the moment I must bring the
document cursor to this position with the arrow keys. But it would be
much easyer if I could set the document cursor to the point where the
Speakup cursor is.

Thanks for help

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