Free Linux course resources in a fashion

Kerry Hoath kerry at
Sun Apr 8 10:57:02 EDT 2012

	I'm not sure if I have already mentioned this before however the Cisco 
academy for the vision impaired is running an 
Intro to command-line Linux course and will probably be running another 
class through starting in July.

We're also probably running an advanced administration course dealing 
with mail servers and the like next semester in July.

We also run other courses see for details.
All courses are online with Ventrilo and run at night, 9pm Eastern. 
Course cost is $150 per course.
Courses can be accessed with mangler, a Linux vt client.
Resources for the course are made available for free however and anyone 
is free to download them.
If you visit, click student resources, then find the linux 
admin (soon to be renamed linux intro) link you'll find the materials 
for the course.
there are audio lectures, study groups, a wiki with useful info and 
links off to other material.

The course focuses on debian/ubuntu, and makes no attempt to deal with 
distribution differences or idiocynchracies.
Speakup and installation of Linux are not covered although methods of 
install are documented on the wiki.

Students ssh into another linux box, either real or virtual to do their 
course work.
The course is what it is and I submit it as a possible resource for what 
it's worth.
Lectures and studygroups are downloadable or podcastable and the wiki 
works in just about any browser.

Regards, Kerry.

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