Finding the Correct Debian Speakup Image

Martin McCormick martin at
Fri Apr 6 12:17:29 EDT 2012

	I think I am still getting the wrong image but I may be
getting closer.

	I went to

	after reading the README message from Samuel's web page
on I selected the debian installer but may
have gotten confused about the ISO image to download. I got


	It successfully was remastered using Samuel's and it beeps quite prominently when booting,
but I have yet to hear one sound from the speakers. This is from
a Dell Dimension tower with 256 megs of RAM that successfully
runs the old Vinux2.x talking kernel.

	The iso image passes the following MD5 sum:

40cb7492989d0475d04e55556b0deda2  debian-6.0.4-i386-CD-1.iso

	Is this an image that should work?


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