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On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 04:37:09PM -0500, Liz Hare wrote:
> I have ATT/SBC DSL, already set up because I have a Windows machine, and
> a Netgear dg834g v4 modem/router. 

Here's an obvious fact I forgot about, you're running windows. Do you
know if windows gets its connection info via dhcp, or are you running
a ppoe client, either the native one built into windows since xp if I
recall right, or some other ppoe client?

> One point of confusion is whether I
> need to use pppoe as you suggested, or whether the router takes care of
> that itself.

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with your particular router. However,
knowing how windows gets connected could help answer that question. You
might also try typing something like
Netgear and dg834g and linux
into your favorite search engine, and see what you get.

> I am using a plugged in ethernet connection for now instead of wireless.

That's probably best for now, until you're comfortable with installing
and configuring software in grml, or whatever distribution of
GNU/Linux you ultimately decide to use.

> The DHCP connection part of grml-network seems to fail, although it tells me the configuration was completed.

Have you tried browsing the web with a browser such as lynx for
example? Note the spelling, its y, not i like it sounds. You can try

lynx www.google.com

if it displays google, then you're good to go, and just type q to quit
the browser. 

Also, what do you see if you type


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