freebsd speakup

Rob Whyte fudge at
Sun Mar 20 06:18:07 EDT 2011

Firstly apolagies for asking on list as I am sure these questions  have 
been asked many times previously.

I know that freebsd kernels are somewhat  different to linux kernels;
With the debian kernel freebsd project being active now are there any 
hopes for speakup being ported to freebsd?

What are the restrictions and how much work would need to be done.
If it's just a case of finding someon on the freebsd accessibility team 
to spend time with speakup developers is there any way that speakup 
users can patition freebsd to look at this?

With speakup being very popular in the blind community and now 
speakup-source being included in debian kernels from 2.6.37 i think it 
would be great to break out into bsd land.

Any documentation advice or reference to mail archives based on this 
subject would be appreciated.

Thank you for any time you put into a response and I look forward to 

Rob Whyte

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