Announce: Speech synthesis engines in Arch Linux AUR

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Thu Mar 10 15:20:31 EST 2011

Using the standard portaudio package, I still get about 3 lines of 
errors whenever I run espeak from a terminal, either using espeak from 
community or my espeak-test package. However, espeak does still speak 
there. I also get no speech with either package when using espeakup, 
unless I go through all the magic incantations necessary to make 
espeak-pulse run with espeakup. The problem seems to stem from the fact 
that espeakup runs as root, and a user's pulseaudio daemon has to be 
running before it will speak. However, if espeakup is already running 
before pulseaudio starts, it still amps out and can only be killed 
manually and then restarted before it will recognize that a connection 
to pulse can be established.

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