Announce: Speech synthesis engines in Arch Linux AUR

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Thu Mar 10 14:42:08 EST 2011

There is an espeak-pulse package that is built with pulse support 
enabled in the Makefile. I built my espeak-test package using 
portaudio19 like the espeak package in community, but I can rebuild it 
or built an espeak-pulse-test that is the same development version if it 
would help. Unfortunately, the problem I ran into is that using 
espeak-pulse, I had to go through some strange gymnastics once I logged 
into GNOME before espeakup would speak. I had to first login to GNOME, 
and then I had to stop espeakup from /etc/rc.d. Then I had to kill -9 
espeakup and then start it again from /etc/rc.d. Once I did that, it 
worked fine, but it seemed like a lot to have to do in order to get a 
GUIless text console up and talking. I thought that espeak-test may 
solve the problem, but I get the same bunch of errors that I got with 
community espeak. I do still believe, however, that the developer of 
espeak could use an AUR package to make testing of his development 
versions easier, so I uploaded it in the hope that it would attract 
testers. I will gladly do the same for the pulse version if it would be 
helpful, as it does seem to at least suppress the error messages and 
there is something that can be done to make it work, which over time may 
be able to be improved upon or even eliminated.

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