freebsd, netbsd and openbsd accessibility?

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Mon Mar 7 01:35:21 EST 2011

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On Sun, Mar 06, 2011 at 08:46:55PM -0700, Littlefield, Tyler wrote:
> I was curious what you all used in order to make bsd accessible? Do any  
> of you use this frequently? Are there good ways to do the installation?

I've only used netbsd, though the same should be doable with all the
bsds. I did the install via a serial console. I remember I had to edit
/etc/rc.conf I think it was to enable a ssh console, and I remember
that getting that done wasn't straight forward, though the details
escape me now, perhaps the newest installers give you the option of
enabling ssh. As for everyday use, I simply sshed into the netbsd box
from another linux box with speakup. As you can probably tell, I don't
use netbsd anymore these days, since I don't have the need for it, and
didn't feel like maintaining that installation anymore. I have been
wanting to try freebsd next, just haven't had the time for it. For
that matter, open solaris is on my list too.


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