espeakup and sound cards?

Kyle kyle4jesus at
Sat Mar 5 22:45:22 EST 2011

According to /etc/asound.conf, alsa is routing everything through pulse. 
But if I blacklist snd_pcm_oss, espeakup doesn't work at all. Before I 
blacklisted snd_pcm_oss, espeakup did start, but then stopped speaking 
once I logged into GNOME. I tried installing ossp in an attempt to 
replace snd_pcm_oss, but I get the same result. As for 
speech-dispatcher, unless it falls back to alsa if it isn't compiled for 
pulse and the audio-output-method is set to pulse in the config file, it 
should be using pulse directly here, and it isn't complaining.

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