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Gregory Nowak greg at
Sat Mar 5 01:59:40 EST 2011

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Hi folks,

there are a couple of people, myself included, sending gpg signed mail to
this list. Since I can't speak for everyone here with mail clients
configured to verify gpg signatures, I'll speak for myself, and anyone
else who shares my sentiments, and wishes to be spoken for as well. Could those signing their mail please
do the rest of us using gpg the kind courtesy of publishing your key
to a key server, placing a message header, or informing in a signature where
your gpg key can be gotten from? If you aren't willing to do any of
these, then please kindly stop signing mail to this list, since
without your key, a signed message is useless anyway, and all it does
is to cause gpg to pause 10 seconds trying to get your unpublished key
from the key server every time one of your signed messages is
opened. Thanks much.


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skype: gregn1
(authorization required, add me to your contacts list first)

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