Serial conflict

David Csercsics aarg at
Fri Mar 4 12:59:43 EST 2011

On Fri, Mar 04, 2011 at 12:16:38PM -0500, Albert Sten-Clanton wrote:
> Would this influence how early in the boot-up Speakup could kick in using a
> hardware synthesizer?  I'm sorry to say I know nothing about this area.
It shouldn't provided we keep the userspace programs small enough to be
contained nicely on a ramfs. This is what the kernel's early userspace
stuff is designed for. Going to make building custom kernels a bit more
of a pain and there will need to be init scripts to start the synth
program back up after the system has properly transferred control to
the real root file system but you could make that happen very early so
you'd only lose speech for less than a second unless there's some error
or other with the boot process which likely means you'll need to pull
out your rescue CD to fix it anyway.

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