ArchLinux, speakup and kernel 2.6.37

Michael Whapples mwhapples at
Sun Jan 30 19:12:18 EST 2011

Its mainly just a quick note to say I just updated my ArchLinux system 
to use kernel 2.6.37 and the upgrade went perfectly fine and speakup 
came up talking afterwards. So to all involved in getting speakup into 
the kernel and those working on integrating thanks.

Chris it was useful to have your message saying that speakup needed to 
be uninstalled first. While it may initially seem like one might loose 
speech output as for a short time speakup is officially uninstalled the 
running kernel kept the speakup modules running while the upgrade to 
2.6.37 was done and so no such loss occurred. I just wonder whether 
there was a better way to do this, eg. a speakup dummy package for 
kernel 2.6.37 which provides speakup, so pacman could substitute that in 
for speakup in the upgrade process and one could remove that dummy 
package afterwards.

Michael Whapples

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