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Igor Gueths igueths at lava-net.com
Wed Jan 26 12:40:52 EST 2011

Hi Kirk. Actually, it seems the Ncurses bits have already been done for us; the
only problem that remains however, is the fact that Twinkle itself seems unable
to build without at least a partial install of QT somewhere. Ideally I think
what we'd want to do is have some sort of flag in the configure script
(--enable-console-only for example), that would simply build the console
interface, and nothing else UI-wise. I also didn't notice any direct calls to
Ncurses or Readline for that matter while poking around the source tree
yesterday, so some reading through the files in src/gui is probably in order.
On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 07:52:50AM -0500, Kirk Reiser wrote:
> Hi Igor: I would be surprised if anyone here on this list knows much
> about how easy it would be to replace qt with ncurses but I'd say go
> for it and try.
> We have played quite a bit with both twinkle and linphone and they
> both have advantages and drawbacks.  Yes twinkle supports zrtp but
> linphone supports ipv6 which twinkle does not.  Twinkle has a much
> nicer interface in console mode but linphone has better noise
> cancellation and echo control.  Linphone is not as robust as twinkle
> is however and likes to segfault whenever it gets a chance.
> They can both be nice to use and iritating when they aren't working as
> advertised unfortunately.  So if we could get one feature rich stable
> sip client it would be nice.  If anyone knows of any other console
> based sip clients we don't know about it would also be useful to hear
> about them.
> I would also like to invite folks interested in playing with sip and
> freeswitch to join us at sip:3000 at linux-speakup.org to play.  If we
> can get things all working correctly the possibilities seem endless.
> I am thinking of language channels for folks interested in learning
> and speaking various languages and all sorts of special interest
> discussion groups.  We have a fair way to go before we have it all
> figured out but the more the merrier from a discussion perspective.
> Hell, we might even be able to do a little tech support, who knows!
> We are currently looking into getting chats working and a skype bridge
> up.  There are probably good windows soft phone clients but I don't
> know what they are.  I'd be interested in finding out how ekiga works
> for blinks also.
>   Kirk
> On Tue, 25 Jan 2011, Igor Gueths wrote:
> >Hi all. I've lately started poking around Twinkle, and it almost seems that it
> >is possible to have the whole thing link against NCurses, instead of QT as is
> >the regular build procedure. Am I chasing shadows here, or is this indeed
> >possible? Twinkle looks much better than Linphone in my opinion, not to mention
> >that it supports ZRTP. Thanks.
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> >Igor
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