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I have been using debian on my server, and building my own kernels on it since
early 2006 without any problems, with packages, or any thing else,
because of a custom kernel. Yes, the system I've been doing this on
since early 2006 is still alive and kicking, has gone through 1 or 2
debian upgrades, is running lenny now, and is running a custom kernel,
though not the same one I started out with in early 2006. HTH.


On Sun, Jan 09, 2011 at 04:16:16PM +1000, pj at wrote:
> Maybe I'm getting old and risk-averse, but I would recommend
> _against_ building your own kernel on a debian system.  Most packages
> especially the kernel will become unupgradable and in a few months
> or weeks time you'll save your $HOME, format the discs and reinstall
> from bare metal. I'd recommend staying within one consistent debian
> setup; if you want 2.6.37 ASAP, then upgrade from Testing to Unstable
> and be a bit patient. Unstable's not so bad; some days some things
> might not work, but they'll work again after the next upgrade.
> Just MHO,
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